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Birthday Celebrations from Mexico

    In Mexico there are two celebrations you have for your birthday. The first one is for your name or saint's day which on this day you attend church. A priest blesses you. Then you go home to have a party that includes relatives and close family friends. The saint's day party is much quieter and more formal.

    Children invite lots of friends to their parties, which always includes a pinata. This is a decorated bag or jug shaped like an animal. It's filled with candles, toys, and money in the form of coins. This hangs from the ceiling and each child is blinfolded and has a go at trying to knonk down the pinata and smash it to get out the goodies.

    The official language is Spanish.

    Also, when a girl turns 15 in Mexico, a special mass is held to honor her.

    A party is then given to introduce her to everyone as a young woman. The father dances a waltz with her.

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