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Birthday Celebrations from Germany

    In Germany the children are never given homework or chores on their birthday. This celebration of a birthday started hundreds of years ago in Germany and has spread throughout the world.

    On a child's birthday the house is decorated, the dining table or kitchen has a special wooden birthday wreath placed in it. The wreath contains small holes for candles and a holder in the denter for the lifecandle. This a taller candle and is beautifully decorated. This candle is lit each year of a child's birthday until they reach the age of twelve.

    The offical language is german.

    The tradition of children's birthday parties first started in Germany, Kinderfeste. Kinder means child and feste means festival, or party. Historians attribute Germans with the first birthday parties for kids.

    A member of the birthday personís family wakes up at sunrise and lights the candles on the birthday cake. There are as many candles as the years of age of the birthday person plus one for good luck. The candles are left burning all day long. After dinner that night then everyone sings the birthday song and the birthday person blows out the candles. If all of the candles are blown out in one try then the wish of the birthday person will come true. Presents are then opened and the party starts.

    When men reach the age of 30 and they still don't have a girlfriend that they have to sweep the stairs of the city hall. All there friends will throw rubble on the stairs and when you're finished they'll throw some more rubble there. This way every girl can see that this man reached the age of 30 and still doesn't have a girlfriend.

    A bread was made in the shape of baby Jesus' swaddling clothes. Geburtstagorten is another type of German cake that has been used for birthday.

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