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Birthday Celebrations from England

    In England there are cakes known as Fortune Telling Cakes which are made for the birthday.

    Certain symbolic objects are mixed into the birthday cake as it is being prepared.

    If your piece of cake has a coin in it, then you will be rich.

    Also, when its your birthday your friends give you the "bumps" they lift you in the air by your hands and feet and raise you up and down to the floor, one for each year then one for luck, two for luck and three for the old man's coconut!

    Sending birthday cards is a custom that began in England about 100 years ago. Today, millions of cards are sent around the world each year to wish family and friends a happy birthday.

    Being given the key to the house is still considered an important sign of coming of age in England. This takes place when someone turns the age of twenty-one. The young man who was given the key to the house is said to be given permission to come and go as he pleases and to stay out as late he liked.

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